How To Start A Strong Relationship With People

To Start A Strong Relationship With A Woman

It has never been easy to have a perfect and strong relationship with people. Relationship is quite different from friendship and will never stand to serve the same thing. Many people find it difficult to build up a strong and perfect relationship with people not even only with  women. Friendship may be easily built, but relationship cannot be easily built and maintain easily if at all we think that sex is the althimate thing in relationship for men. How do we start a strong and perfect relationship?

Friendship beget relationship, you may be someone’s friend but not truly in a relationship with the person. For a perfect and strong relationship, you must make sure that you win soul and convince them to believe that you are real. How do this happen? When you must have met someone whom you like, but the person may not even like you as you like him or her. To win the soul must be the first target. It takes time to discover what makes him/her happier, find out what truly makes her feel happier. When you must have discovered this, provide/supply them to the person. Keep doing it over period of times, make him/her feel happier than ever, when ever he sees you. This could be visitation, calling on phone, buying small-small eat able items, staying close with each other or playing games, like pool play or garden play. By doing so, you havel won the soul.

One may like you because of sex only but cannot be in a relationship with you, talk more of getting married if it is a woman. He will call you over whenever he feel like having sex but cannot say with you over a period of time or months. But when relationship is involved, you are likely to stay over a year.