How you could make a happy home

It’s very obvious that up to 75% of every home around the globe seeks for money to maintain good/happy family; money could not make 100% of happy family but can contribute 45% of happiness in the family. However, people can live happily without being wealthy but cannot live happily without child; one can have good wife and children but not wealthy, there is a very big tendency to make a happy family.

Being wealthy is never the solution to make a happy family but if you can maintain three square meal days, with your daily incomes you can as well make happy family with these tips.

If you really want to get it right, take a very good time to study each other (wife/husband), know exactly what each lacks, identify the potentials that is not there and build it up together, be close to your wife even if you always go to work, make sure that you hear from your wife through phone cell at least 3 times before work; this will help to revive the joy of togetherness, make sure that your children remain the priority of your expenses, make your children happy by providing their daily important needs, show your family the highest level of your responsiveness and prove to your family that their protection is nonnegotiable with anybody despite the standard level of living, let your children feel your presence even if you’re not with them.

“Montreal believes that to complete the capture of a man’s heart is through his stomach”, every woman should not play with his husband’s tummy to avoid heart divergent; make your children happy by the way you treats their mother, both should maintain the level/type of family friends around the family, there must be a passive joint family contributions from both parents.

 The harmony of the family also should be reviving by gift presentations from both parents, the family that prays together stays together.