How your greatness is determined

A true philanthropist never care how much he would gain from the public but very desperate to change the sense of vision from the people.

I truly believe that not everyone is thinking of this; but those I am referring know themselves. 

Be curious of how to make low people to reason, think, get awareness, thrive and change situations like you. However, you may gain prestige but lost the courage of a philanthropist.

Tell yourself that “before my death, there must be an inestimable legacy created by me, after my death, there must be an unconditional remembrance of the legacy I created” as you gain prestige, have you ever thought of people who still remain in chain of struggling, looking for a way to thrive like you.

Finally, your greatness is determined by the number of people who stand their fits by you.

 Few number of people who sure that they remain philanthropist ever in life

Mohammed Salah – free call for all citizen of Egypt

Didier Drogba – free general health care for cote D`ivoire citizen

Sadio Mani/Acon – free general health care/school for Senegal citizen

Samuel Eto`o – free education/health care for Cameron citizen

Nabi Keita – free general health care/school for Guinea citizens

 Yayatoure/kolotoure – free general health care/school for cote D`ivoire citizen

Peire aubumenyang – free football academy for Cabon citizen

Henry Camara – free health care Mali citizen

Cristiano Ronado – free blood donor (world health ambassador)

Sanchez – donate half of his salary to less privilege of Chile citizen every week

Lional Messi – care for less privilege of Argentina citizen