I Must Be Famous

Could it be that I don’t get it right or could it be that good-will doesn’t exist again. Could it be that I do things alone or could it be that I don’t have support. What could it be? That will not make my dream come true. I must be famous is a decision taken, what could make this happen or come true? What are are you doing? What is your occupation and how often do you put smile on people’s face? How great is your responsibility? How do handle things that are handed over to you? How  accountable are you to your business or your Boss? Do you not know that being famous is a responsibility, a tax you ought to pay to execute target of Famousness.

Nowadays, we want to be famous without contributing anything at all. We wanna be famous without paying a price and the most important part of it is that, when we get what we want without paying a price, it’s value will lost automatically. There is no doubt for,” what cost much to us, still remain the most precious to us.” Being famous is not just an ordinary things that is purchase anywhere, but it has a precious price, high value cost that ought to pay to have it. It will be incredible to people when you get something precious without a price. You will make people wonder how did this happen. I must be Famous.