In a video, Laycon reacted so bitterly after Kiddwaya dares smooch Erica’s ‘chest’

Amongst many truths being spilt and dares being carried out, Kiddwaya and Erica’s seem to have made the highlights.

In the recent video clips going round, Kiddwaya was dared to ‘makeout’ with his inhouse lover, Erica’s chest area. Kiddwaya who was all too happy to perform the act, did not mirror Erica’s hesitation.

However, the reactions on the faces of the other housemates got a lot of people talking. While Tolanibaj and Vee wore a shocked reaction, the expression on Laycon’s face was of pain and heartbreak as he closed his eyes.

Trickytee realizing what was about to happen between Kiddwaya and Erica, did his best to soothe Laycon’s pain by blocking his view from the action, a gesture Laycon didn’t take too kindly.