Jealous People Around Me, I Need To Change My Life

Is a pleasure to me that my life is fruitful and I sincerely thank God Almighty for it, but also lessons to any anyone I called a friend. it could be you.

I drive pleasure with what moves me, I plan my ways and do the necessary things that surrounds me which made me become so busy. And being too busy for things that are necessarily matters to you sometimes seems somehow to be good. This drives me out from people I so much love, people that I have regard for. Meanwhile, this method of being so busy to valuable people in my life created room for jealous and hatred. Remember if I were these people, I will feel so bad, dejected and I may denounce you as a friend as the case maybe.

Today being so busy has taken over people’s lives, every body is too busy with things that is not more  previous than their lives. We kill ourselves so easily and quickly when you occupied your life with much activities, which gives rise of being too busy. You lost your friendship, relationship and happiness will disappear all of a sudden, which is exactly what happened to me. Being too busy took over me and I could not see myself again.

One thing happened, I nearly died when lost hope of association with my friends, because of being too busy. It could happen to you, or You have the same lifestyle with me. Please deviate from that. Jealous people  around you and You need to change your life. Being so busy is like a fox that kill human being silently.