Kemi Olunloyo has disclose her reasons why she will never forgive Davido, saying that she carried Davido when he was born in 1993

The popular controversial investigative journalist Kemi Olunloyo has disclosed that Davido was born in 1993 and she said that she carried him during his infant stage. She said.

The journalist who was highly burning with anger speaking for the popular singer Davido, saying that she may never give Davido.

However, in a chat with seye kehinde, the controversial journalist Kemi Olunloyo said people said that I am not in good terms with Davido, I have not met Davido in adult stage, I knew him as a baby when I carried him as a baby in 1993 besides his mother.

I lived on a street in atlanta,and I followed his pregnancy and was with his mom at the hospital.I was so close with veronica but was that close with her husband, he just knew us as friends.

David (Davido) was born in atlanta, I helped his mom during the whole thing, but at the end of the day, he is now a rich musician, who feels that money can buy everything. He always liked money.

I have a video of Davido when he was 10 years old, when the reporter came to interview his father and david was screaming, say something, I have a lot of his pictures in my home, but at the end of the day, I am very vexed, I am bitter, I feel very hurt because a child that I carried was rude to me and I will tell you the root of this because some people will say, what did this Davido did to this woman. She said.

However, she went further, a month ago, I gave fans a hundred thousand naira, for addressing me properly, I don’t do give away, it was a random thing and then he came back to me and returned the hundred thousand naira and said, ‘ you are a cheerful giver and God loves cheerful givers, ‘this is something I have to do’ so I did a contest three days ago and said for hundred thousand naira, who can show me the tweet of where Davido insulted me, you know all this stupid children, they all know what he did and they will keep saying what did Davido do? Everyone wanted the money but I didn’t give any money and they were all posting the tweet because I wanted Davido to look stupid. She said.