Ladies Tip’s For A True Favorable Relationship

To know a true relationship is not easy as we think, before any man stick up with you (lady) is not easy but it’s too easy for a lady to hold-up on a guy for a deep relationship but at the end of the relationship, they may be played with or jeopardise with. What almost every man needs is to have you in fullness, without any good intentions on you for your future. Man does not care to marry that lady he messed up. There are only five Tips for women to know a true relationship for whoever that may come across your way. If any woman can stand firm and apply this scheme on her relationship, she’s gonna get the true favorable relationship. This five tip’s are questionable questions every woman should ask when intending to engage in a relationship. After a guy must have walk-up to you, you get to ask these five necessary questions. Before meeting you, he must have thought within himself, that you are the play type and he planned to play on your away— but if you don’t stand your ground and fight for your future hope by asking this questions. He may play you as he thought.

What is your Short term plan. When he approaches you, you welcome him and conversation begins, ask the young man what is his short term plan. If he has plans for his future before engaging you with promises. In the first place, The guy will know that you don’t mean to play and his answer will let you know wassup on how to engage with him. He may tell you that he plans, after been free from his boss on paint protection, he will start up his own—that’s nice one with him, he has plans. If you plan to stick up with him, this is point one. But if he says something like I’m planning to make it day by day to know how it will work out—run for your future my dear. That’s just simple, his statements on providing your answers will tell you what is on ground.

What is your Long term plan. Like I said before, beware and focus on your target which you want the young man to arrive on, when a guy tells you that he is a painter, that’s a handwork, in addition he said but I am planning on buying at least three plots of land to establish it and start up a paint industry—it means that he has long term plan. Find your way to help the young man out. It should be the type of your expectation. He will know that you are seeking to hook up with a positive and responsible man.

What are your views on having a relationship with me. When you have asked this question relax back and watch the guy present his answer, on what his expectations should be. He may sound, it’s because you are beautiful, this is the kind of lady I need not want, I see greatness in you, I can feel it that you could be a good mother—he may sound you away but be careful. Ask him his relationship with God, mother and children and hear him too. Know his closeness with God and try to know how he treats her mother—because if he can treat her mother wonderfully, he is gonna treat you exactly like that.

What do you think about me. This question may come when there have been a little movement made, it’s your right, I mean your obligation to know what the guy think about you. He must tell you, if he is gonna continue with you or he plans to dump you along the track. That’s why you must know and act fast before him. He may sound you’re the type of lady I have been trying to get since—thank God that I find you, have it at the back of your mind that you will go far with him. But he may also sound negative—you find your way out, be the first person that will drop him. Let him not be the first to drop you. This is important.

How do you feel about me. Please be noted that thinking about you and feeling about you are different in meaning. When you ask him, how do you you feel about me? He may not answer you at that moment, he may look around and walk away from you. Be not afraid, and be not hash on him or get angry with him. Relax, he knows what you want from him and he is not gonna provide the answer at a spot. But he knows how he feels about you. Take time with him and Ask him again on how he feels about you, he may sound Oh, you are great and I feel better with you. —believe that he will introduce you before his people and friends.