Life has never been easy to survive by the poor

It’s good at least to taste things with other people, but the most important question is, will you be able to stand before what you wanted to taste.

People were reached with the information that, education was meant not for the poor. But people’s question was, was education only meant for the rich?, No one was able to say yes or no.

Truly, everyone wants to gain knowledge, but the children of the poor suffers a lot during their school or education process.

Who can we say that is poor? A poor man is one who cannot be able to provide three square meals for a day, let alone having other home facilities that are necessary  to help for human survival.

Many a times, the poor children passes through hell during their days of studying in universities. But children from the wealthy family sees their days in universities as one of the most unforgettable experiences during their days because they found it enjoyable and  time well spent on leisure. For them.

Life differs, even the two identical twins are not expected to have the same feeling and experience as well. The feeling and experience for both the poor and rich is like identical twins.

The rich enjoy life and leisure where the poor experience hardship and bitterness.

But the most painful part of all is that the poor people sometimes pay some of their bills with their lives and body. For ladies sometimes.

The greatest mistakes poor people  do sometimes is that they may not be able to finish up what they have started, they will end up achieving nothing.

I suggest that if you actually want to suffer yourself in anything, you should make sure that you complete any project that’s with you. This will make your experience and suffering a perfect one.