Loving Pet Is As Well Loving Children.

It’s not a doubt that a pet serves exactly what a child can serve. In most cases, some people prefer to have a good pet than to have child but one thing is that man cannot change the nature. I will tell you why people like pet and why they told me that loving pet is as well as loving children.

At least the most important and most popular pet we have ever prefer in this world is Dog and it happens to be the most brilliant pet ever. Pet is friendly, social, lovely, brilliant and also gallant when it comes to dog. People are more comfortable with pet in the sense that it gives them joy and happiness, it makes them feel better and great. Why I said loving pet is as well as loving children is that you will not, never be comfortable when your pet is not feeling fine. You may denied yourself food and pleasure because it. When your pet get lost, you will feel like been deserted.

There is a friend of mine,  who have a dog as his own pet, he loves the dog more than anyone else. He doesn’t play with it, some times I will be jealous of his pet because the pet use to do things beyond people’s expectations. The pet does some domestic works at home and it delivers messages as well and the funniest part of it is that it plays a lot. And the guy love his pet as he loves children. Some times, he denied himself food because his pet refuse to eat, some time he fall sick because his pet falls sick. One day, I asked him why do you value pet much more like we value children, he replied to me, that loving this pet is as well as loving children. In fact I find more love in pet, and I told him my friend you can’t change nature. Pet cannot be compared to children and that’s final. But the truth is that loving pet is as well as loving children. Pet is good and it gives joy and happiness. Remember if it is a man who loves it means that he can take care of children and provide for them. Anyone that loves Pet love children.