Make Hay While The Sun Shines.

Nancy eventually learnt from experience from experience that time wasted could be regained, the past can not be recaptured and that jobs done in a hurry can cause much delay at the end.futher more, Nancy came to conclusion that it is better to pursue a set of plans gradually and carefully than to rush over them.

     Nancy and her two friends were going to take a school exams for their first time. All her two friends were fully prepared for that exam. They had studied for the exams the time draw nearer, the time of Nancy’s friends had wash their clothes and also brought the important writing materials and got their examination number ready for the exams. But Nancy didn’t do all of these things that her colleagues did, instead she used her time to visit her other friend that is not writing exam to gossip. A day to the examination, during evening time Nancy remembered that she had not washed her dress as their principal instructed them.

     She hurriedly did that and began to pray fervently that the day be extended, that the natural elements should do more than they have to be doing inorder to dry her dress but she couldn’t change the order of affairs. At evening time it began to rain car and dogs. Nancy, eventually over sleep during the D-day of the exams, she slept over and over again, time was against her but didn’t know while she was asleep, but wake up due to noise from their neighborhood where she had a voice calling. As soon as Nancy wake up, she took her birth and start going to school.

   Consequently, the time to the exams was closed where she couldn’t meet up with the time, she had to take a taxi, it shows on her that she is in very big hurry so she to use her anger on the taxi driver, and she was persuading that the driver should add more speed, but after all, she couldn’t get to the examination hall on time, the time is expiring so she entered the examination hall feeling so hot.

   The invigilator posed a number of questions to her, she tried to answer but voice failed her. the invigilator asked her to provide her examination number-card. A look of confusion spread over her disturbed face.

     She search her pocket but couldn’t see any thing like a number-card. She remembered that she didn’t even care to collect it from their class-teacher when he told the candidates intending to go for the examination to come for the examination number-card. But the invigilator refused to admit Nancy into the examination hall. The careless, lazy idle girl turned back immediately and trekked home helplessly. However, she went home quite wise. Nancy’s bitter experience reminds you andI that we must make hay while the sun shines.