Mauritius has become the second African country to be freed from COVID-19 after 322 most have said to be recovered and 10 deaths

There is more cost for jubilation in African continent so far so long. Covid-19 is seem to be undefeated by the world entirely but thank be to God to who have been given us victory.

Well a country in Africa called Mauritius has been declared officially free of the deadly coronavirus that has taken the world by storm, becoming the second African country to declare virus-free status after infection. According to the island nation’s official COVID-19 page, 322 people had recovered out of the 332 confirmed cases so far.

From the tweet, it says that 10 people have since died. May 11 marked the fifteenth consecutive day that the no-new-case was recorded in the country, Vanguard reports.

However, some weeks back, Mauritania declared itself coronavirus-free after six coronavirus patients recovered and left the hospital, while one person succumbed to the virus.