Good Memories Create Better Ideas And Bright Future.

Some times when I travel, I imagine a lot, I feel great and many thought come to my mind when ever I’m on a journey, when you are on a journey, you imagine on how things could be if it’s been done the other way or something like that, this is because you have moved around and see things you have not seen before, is that not true? . Remember without the journey you made, such thought would have hindered from you, and imagination will not come to you. A lot of imaginations comes to my mind when I go to a distance. This makes me think differently and reason beyond human expectations. Good memories create better ideas and future, good memories come to you when you make moves to distance.

I believe that without Holiness, no one can see God. In this same way, i also believe that without what we see no can can have good memories that will change him to have better ideas and future. You can only imagine how something could be when you see something like it, this will make you have another idea of imagination on how that thing could have been done differently.

Believe me, until you move to a distance land, you will never believe that there is something wrong with your present environment , which will make you think differently concerning your present environment. In this same way, you may think that you are the best among others, you will never believe until you meet he, who will show you where you’re wrong and where you’re not getting it right, which will make you think differently concerning your life style, this will make you rethink on the need to improve for your better future. Good memories create better ideas and future.  You may not know until you come to that stage when good memory will prevail itself but it can only be prevailed when you make a move. Good Things never come from one direction but in different directions.

The creation of the world comes from wisdom but that of heaven comes from understanding. You can only get it best when you passed through understanding, but you can get it better when you passed through wisdom.