Monday’s episode #BBNaija “Pepper Dem” the week of laughter

Still on the road of forgiveness, and fixing broken bridges, this week’s episode will be mostly about clearing the air.

If you didn’t watch it, we can only say sorry. And catch you up on all you missed, because, you know, BellaNaija’s got your back.

This week episode is week of laughter which no one could afford to miss. The week of Reunion Show which has already started.

The main focal point of the show were Ike and Joe include other house mate of Big Brother Naija  Elozonam, Venita, Seyi, Tuoyo and Sir Dee

Ike said he didn’t like Joe in the house, because he came in acting like he was more intelligent than everyone, and he hasn’t been able to let it go. Ike simply doesn’t like Joe’s smart mouth and how he often ignored the boundaries. As always, Joe insisted his questionable character while in the house was strictly for the price.

However the first previous stage was very amusing. Please you can not continue missing out your joy over this. Learn how to laugh away your sorrow.