Ned Nwoko proves that everyone is important to him as he takes all his 6 wives on a shopping expedition (video)

Many people within Africa have been hearing about this couple Regina Daniels and Ned Nwoko. Ned Nwoko, that’s the billionaire husband to Regina Daniels, to which almost entertainment information would always be on their behalf.

Our Circle is a reality/documentary show that highlights the entire household of Ned Nwoko, with the main focus on Regina Daniels during the time she was pregnant and all the events that happened during and after her delivery.

Ned Nwoko is a billionaire husband to Regina Daniels the popular Younger Nollywood actress who is very prettier and everyone wants to relate with her because of her popularity and performances as well.

However, there were enthusiasm and smile written all over the wives and children of Ned Nwoko as they selected their preferred dresses and other stuff at the mall.