Nigeria rapper Erigga shows his anger as Nigerians fight for God but abandoned to fight for their rights

The Nigerian popular rapper Erhiga Agarivbie better known as Erigga, recently got his heads nodding in agreement after he took to Twitter to share his thoughts on Nigerians and their attitude towards fighting for their rights.

The popular celebrity laments Nigerians don’t play with their religion and can fight for God but the opposite is the case when it comes to fighting for their right as they leave it for God to handle

“When it comes to religion, Nigerians fight for God, but when it comes to their rights they leave it for God to fight for them !!!! happy Sunday,” he tweeted.

Nigerians also shared their opinion. See some replies below:

@amocoboy wrote: “No! We create problems for ourselves. We also allow our politicians create more thru humongous corruption, nepotism, misappropriation of our commonwealth and utter disregard for human rights. We fail to hold them accountable even 4 campaign promises. We turn around and blame God. Haba.”