Nigerians reacts as Inspector general of Police advised members to use their firearms when their lives are in danger

The inspector general of Police Force in Nigeria has advised its members to protect themselves with their firearms whenever their lives are in danger.

This was said when he was addressing police members. In his speech, he says despite all the happenings in the country, we will not stop us from performing our constitutional duties. While we are performing our constitutional duties, we must also protect ourself because we also are human beings and also entitle to human rights protection. He said.

Addressing them to read their construction and know when to use their firearms. He said.

Following the address, there has been a lot of reactions among Nigerians on the IGP address.

Below are comments following the address by IGP for police to use their firearms when their lives are in danger.

These Demands have been ignored:

Sack the IG and his commissioners of police.

Arrest all SARS officers implicated in murder and extortion and prosecute them fully.

Begin one year re-orientation of officers after dismissing unqualified ones.


— Igbo Star™⭐💰🗨 #SARSMUSTEND (@billionairesson) November 4, 2020

It’s a blanket shoot to kill order oh. If the Officer heart skip cos you taller than him, he can shoot you and goto court to say he felt threatened by your height.

— Ola (@Oladev) November 4, 2020

What should we use when our lives are in danger?

— Your Social Prefect (@King_Chris_Jr) November 4, 2020

This IG needs to be sued by civil right organizations for giving policemen a blank cheque to kill unarmed citizens.
Why can’t he make police friends of unarmed citizens instead?
I think firearm should be legalized to all Nigerians for self defense.

— Olusola Ayeni (@Ayenisola) November 4, 2020

I’ve always advocated for that. Grant us licence to own a gun and watch policeman behave normal

— Femi Samuel, (@wollybreeze01) November 4, 2020

My guy we gather Dey here 😇

— Don_Stylez (@donstylez) November 4, 2020