No Matter Where You Go, Always Remember the Way That Leads You Home.

There is only one way in life, which you must make sure that you do not  forget the past, how it was and how much you felt when things were not moving forward. There is no doubt, that you may have been able to make your ends-meal through God’s intervention by raising somebody to help you, now you have survived, you forget people that made you to become a man/woman of your own.

There is only one way to heaven , in that same way, there’s also only one way to success. Do you know that you don’t just survive a journey like that, but there are provisions of pillars on your sides that made your dreams come true.

What are these pillars on your sides that supported you to accomplish your dreams?  these are people whom God set up for you, to make your dreams to come true when you work hand in hand with them. But it’s painful and unbearable to whom it may concern, that after your survival, you forget the pillar, the stigma that made a provision for your survival.

No matter where you go, remember the road that leads you home, no matter what you do, do not forget the people that sacrifice for your survival, they are your roots, your stigma, the pillar of your wealth. Always try to remember them because, they are the ones that will still raise you when you fall. Always keep it in mind that wonders shall never end. The survival of man is like an endless Sea, as there are many rivers that made provisions for Sea, in this same way human being can not survive alone without the the support of his fellow man.

Without the particular there would be no whole and a whole cannot be complete without the particular, meanwhile particular cannot survive without the whole.