One time Nigerian hip-pop star Terry G lamented on how bad image stops him from landing endorsement deals

Gabriel Oche Amanyi, popularly known as Terry G, was one of the biggest singers back in the Days

Terry G has been a great hip-pop singer who always give plenty people what they really want in music industry, but the young star later dropped his music career and face life.

The singer however, expressed his frustrations during an Instagram live chat with Folarin of H2G Filmworks.

“Now una dull me, the time wen I dey hot, them they talk say Terry G this Terry G that one did I kill anybody? No! But I looked like the baddest guy in Nigeria. Now endorsement time, nobody endorse me, nobody do anything the time when Terry G dey hot,” he said.

“Okay, who I wan collect endorsement deal from now? Nobody. So I nor dey like to reason that period because even where is he? It affected both us but for me I’m a musician.