Over 370 Nigerians are to leave U.S.A after founding guilty of bridging U.S law

It was gathered that more than 307 Nigerians were found guilty of bridging American (U.S.A) Immigration Laws and thereby ordered to leave the country within the end of this year Premium Times reports.

However, the report says that the data was obtained from the ICE and compiled in a June report by a global tracking website on government policy, TRAC.

Perhaps, TRAC is a U.S.-based tracking website that keeps databases of immigration, FBI cases and firearms data for public access.; according to the report, the Nigerians mainly resided in Texas, New Jersey, California, New York and others. and the report says that they only have between June and the end of July to evacuate U.S.A

U.S President Donald Trump, declared his intention to “chase people with criminal records away from our country.”