Over reactions as #Davido break the record of Turntable Charts platforms as he becomes the first artist to lead all platforms just in a week since the Turntable Charts began tracking

The Popular Davido become the No. 1 leading Nigerian singer in all platforms just only in one week since Turntable Charts began.

However, Partoranking was the one who was on the forefront leading both on TV and Radio chart on Turntable Charts platforms, last week fortunately for Davido’s FEM Top Both Radio and TV charts in the same week. What a precedented clean sweep could this be?

FEM corona took to his Twitter handle to disclose the breaking of Turntable Charts record which no one has been able to break, by expressing his happiness towards this record broken he wrote:

“Davido become the first artist to lead all platforms in a week since Turntable Charts began.”

“FEM” Debutsas no. 1 in all weekly charts and no. 1 on every single platforms – an unprecedented clean sweep. He tweeted