President Donald Trump reacts to Michelle Obama statement as the US 2020 election approaches nearer

The US president Donald J. Trump has been passing a lot of challenges so far as their election approaches nearer. The US president who was said to be afraid of woman in a tweet by @ForAmerica , which disclosed on a tweet that President Trump is afraid of woman.

However, Michelle Obama In her speech, Obama tore down the administration of President Trump, accusing him of creating “chaos,” sowing “division” and governing “with a total and utter lack of empathy.”

She urged Democratic voters to ensure they cast their votes in any way they could, even if it meant waiting in long lines to do so. But in a swift reaction, Trump scolded Obama for her criticism, saying he became the president of the US because of what her husband did while leading the country.

“Somebody, please explain to Michelle Obama that Donald J. Trump would not be here, in the beautiful White House, if it weren’t for the job done by your husband, Barack Obama.

Biden was merely an afterthought, a good reason for that very late & unenthusiastic endorsement. “My Administration and I built the greatest economy in history, of any country, turned it off, saved millions of lives, and now am building an even greater economy than it was before. Jobs are flowing, NASDAQ is already at a record high, the rest to follow. Sit back & watch!” Trump said.