President Muhammadu Buhari happily took to social media to tell Nigerians how he felt on David Umahi defection as he welcomed him to APC

The president of Nigeria, president Muhammadu Buhari has happily revealed that he is very glad on how the governor of Eboyi State took a wise and bold step to make a self decision.

The president who is filled with happiness and joy on the brave decision made by the governor, tweeted on his Twitter handle, “I am proud of David Umahi for taking the bold decision to detect to @OfficialAPCNg in accordance with his conscience and principles rather than any external influence or coercion”. He tweeted.

However, the president widely embrace and welcome the defected governor in the ruling party APC.

Meanwhile, governor David Umahi had earlier revealed his reasons why he made the self decision to detect to the ruling party APC, which he disclosed that his previous party people’s democratic party (PDP) has not given the South East the opportunity to run for presidential candidate for the first time. Saying that, there is no need to continue staying together with the Party.