President Muhammadu Buhari has finally welcomed the first effective covid-19 vaccine

The president of Nigeria, president Muhammadu Buhari has become the first in Africa to welcome the arrival of covid-19 vaccine.

The coronavirus vaccine which has suffered a lot of setback on distribution in almost every part of the world because it has not been fully permitted to be used when the vaccine has not gone through a successful human trail.

However, it was gathered that president Buhari has welcomed the arrival of the effective covid-19 vaccine after a successful human trail phase.

Meanwhile, “the Vaccine has recorded 90 percent effectiveness against the disease. The president described the development as a major milestone in medical advance but warn that the world must unite in facilitating the access and the distribution of these vaccine to protect people in all country”.

However, president Muhammadu Buhari reiterated his earlier call ” Only a people’s vaccine with equality and solidarity at its core can protect all of humanity and get our society safe and running again. A bold International agreement can not wait”.