Public figure

  1. I believe hat there are some of us who have been trying their very best to put food on their table. I am telling you that curiosity has taken over men. Some of us don’t rest again in the sense of trying to become credible in the society.
    There is a thought that says, “men who are strong are those men who begin life with nothing”. That is,
    people who were not born with Golden spoon, men who did not find things easy to get to the top.
    In sociology, I was taught of social ladder.
    In the sense that, some people did not have equal opportunity to access things like others and also power is not giving but power can be taken. Meanwhile, you can only change your social ladder by three ways only by hard working, having hand work and education.
    These are the only three ways in which you can change your status in the society. So therefore, any thing out of these three things is not it. So therefore, curiosity has taken over men of nowadays.
    Fear not friends, be courageous and brave like a vibrant lion, always awake and gallant all day long.
    Lions always win their battles. Thanks and God bless my friends all over the world.
    Further more, be gallant and brave like president Donald J Trump of America.

2. It’s simple to understand that life is education but many don’t really value the education that is attached to life. Everyday we learn both good and bad things but which one do we really listen to? It’s that one we give attention most therefore, what we learn everyday is been determined by the voice we give attention most. If we choose to give attention to the good thing we come across for the day, it simply means that we must learn the good thing that is of good. But if we choose to listen to the voice of bad things we come across for the day it simply means that, we must learn that thing , that is of bad. That’s just the education that is in life.