Public servant are no longer interested in serving the public because of delay in salary delivery.

Public servants are no longer interested in serving the public because of delay in salary delivery.

It was then when civil servants were highly recommendable. Taken back to those days when public servants were jealousy proud of their public service. But what is happening around them today? Is it because their services are no longer needed ? Or Their services are not legitimate any longer?

What could it be tagged to be, for the downgrading of public service to civil servants?

It is written that civil servants are the backbone of the nation. It’s obvious that citizens are no longer interested in the public services any longer because of how they are being treated. Any nation that have regard to their civil servants, will be able to overcome the challenges facing the public at a whole.

Assuming that you are a civil servant working for your father’s land, you worked tirelessly and no

salary at the expected date.

How would you feel?

Would you mind to continue with that same job?

Would there be any possibility to course that job?

As a Family man or a Family woman who struggle to manage to put things together, after you most have struggled to render your service to your nation with the hope of getting what you suffered for, at the end of expected month, your salary it’s been prolonged in the name of government ultimate power. How would you react over this?

This is one of the issues of the moment, that makes an average man or woman seek to have own job not for public again. Some people, some families have messed up because of this issue of withholding salary payment after the end of the expected date.

After  civil servant protected the image of his/her nation, he should be rewarded with all pleasure and gratitude to them, so that the spirit of patriotism will be elevated and abide with him or her.

  A public servant is like a tree that bears large number of fruits, and that much number of fruit makes people to move after it by stoning the fruit it’s carrying.

Why do people stone it? It’s because it has fruits on it. But can people stone a barren tree? The answer is NO. Sometimes this situation makes people to live in agony, sometimes it makes people fall sick because of too much thinking. Tell the public how things are gonna be better if A nation engage in such a way of life.