Ray Hushpuppi disclosed on his previous video that he donates money to the charity

Ramon Olorunwa Abba popularly known as Ray Hushpuppi story is currently keeping many people entertained in the internet community.

Check out Hushpuppi previous video where he said he makes donations to the charity and also paying tithes anonymously to the needy.

However, there is a video which was filmed where Ray Hushpuppi said that he donates money to the charity and the needy months before he was arrested by the Interpol in Dubai.

Ray Hushpuppi said that he has been doing good to people which plenty people have no idea of his goodness he went around doing. He also speaks about paying of tithes and donating to the needy

Hushpuppi said he usually goes online to search for charity organizations around the world to make donations.

He also disclosed that the donations are usually made anonymously as he does not want anyone to know about it. Hushpuppi said it should be a secret between him and God. According to him