Reason Why Ladies Like Rough Guys

I was able to do some research concerning ladies preferring Ruggedmen to gentlemen.

It’s obviously observed that many people are still having this doubt among themselves while ladies prefer Ruggedmen to gentlemen.

I was able to discover that ladies prefer Ruggedmen because they are rough and Rugged in nature.

Ladies have this belief that rough guy is perfect on bed and able and capable to handle them perfectly in all ramifications when it comes to sex.

Ladies love Rugged man , because they believe that all men that are rugged are cultist and he who is a cultist can defend and protect them in time trouble.

Also, the ladies have this belief that every Rugged man may be a celebrity, this is simply because they look so rough and dress so differently.

Meanwhile, the ladies fully understand that those rough guys don’t always come for relationship but only engage in friendship.

These guys only believe right within themselves that they came for used and dropped but not for marriage purpose or anything good at all. No Good Intention all for having you ladies.

Moreover, our ladies always look down on gentlemen who believe that every bad act always have aftereffect and it will backfire on them.

Ladies believe that gentlemen are not strong and can not protect them in time of trouble.
Gentlemen are generally cool and can’t penetrate as ladies wanted.