Rotimi Amaechi loud his voice, raise Nigerians eyes brown as he said there’s nothing bad in restructuring Nigeria in a new interview

The minister of transportation Rotimi Amaechi has raise Nigerians eyes brown as he made it clear that There’s nothing bad in restructuring Nigeria.

The minister in his recent Interview he said one thing he would like to let Me. President know is that if he wants to solve people’s problem, he should make sure he reduce poverty in the country.

The minister also noted that the president should remove this money the elite have stolen and put it in the hands of the poor, people are hungry.

If you don’t create a legitimate economy, people will create an illegitimate economy to feed themselves because if they don’t feed themselves they will die. He said.

He also urged government to create employment not security employment. I have not never seen restructuring as a problem of Nigeria, there’s nothing bad in restructuring Nigeria, the most critical problem of Nigeria is hunger and poverty.

The most critical problem we are having is hunger and poverty, we can feed the whole nation from Borno. When we were empowered as governor, they main problem we were facing was Boko Haram but now it’s much more than Boko Haram, insecurity everywhere. He said.