School of thought and actions

Start crediting yourself of what you are and stop discrediting yourself of what you aren’t, Crediting yourself of what you aren’t, will always put fear in you and shame as well. Everyone has to start learning how to be his own best friends because sometimes we fall too easily into the trap of being our worst enemy.

The power of failure comes when you answer what you aren’t and try to force people to believe that you are what you aren’t.

By this time, the people you try to force to acknowledge what you aren’t, will persuade you to be real and by their persuasion towards what you are, you will admit and adhere to what they ask you to be which is the real you. This will trigger Shame  and you will start living with fear and become submissive to their opinion.

Take heed to what you have heard, what you are today is the production of what you haven’t been listening to before now, try to study and understand words, learn the use of the words and put them in practice for proper and adequate performance.

Words transmit forces, body , soul and spirit. The spirit ruling your life are as the results of the words you have been exposing your body, soul and spirit to.

In other words, our hearts have to be sharpened with words that matters before words that discouraged come access it, remember every bad seed sometimes seems to conquer the good seed unless it’s God’s intervention for the good seed to overcome.