See a hotel in Vietnam which is world’s first Gold planted Hotel, $250 per night

Dolce Hanoi Golden Lake Hotel is reportedly open for business in Vietnam. This however, happens to be the world’s first self-proclaimed gold-plated hotel called With this edifice.

It was reported that the building took 11 years and a whopping $200m to build and harness this hotel. Do you know the biggest amazement? ( Coffee and tea in the hotel is served in gold cups).

It has 400 rooms and will be operated under the American Wyndham Hotels brand. A room at the hotel goes for $250 per night.

“We want the ordinary people to the super rich… to check-in. Our group has a factory that can do gold-plated stuff, so the cost for our equipment and furniture here is quite cheap,” Nguyen Huu Duong, the owner of the hotel, said.