See Billionaire club owned by Cubana Chiefpriest as people are loyal to his government

The billionaire club in Owerri that is situated in the state capital of Imo state owned by a popular billionaire best known by name as Cubana the Cheifpriest.

The popular billioniaer is a man who likes to enjoy life with young youth and also he believes on merriment all day long.

the billionaire took to his Instagram to display where himself and the youths are enjoying the government of his leadership as the youths are grateful to his government as they confesses one after the other.

the caption read:”Billionaires Club Of Owerri🇳🇬 In Brotherhood We Stand !!!! Na We Dey Make Owerri🇳🇬 Sweet N Bubble @emenike_9 @hytelphones @softmike20 @am_swank We Are Enjoying That Amazing Government Of Shared Prosperity With @glenmorangie @bulletnigeria ❤️❤️#CelebrityBarMa💫”