See what affectionate dog did when a blind man was trying to pass on the road

It was observed that among all the animal on earth, dog happens to be the chosen one to live with human being because it was filled with love, wisdom, kindness and integrity to render help for man kind.

An affectionate dog was honored after helping a blind man walk without tripping over an obstacle that lay in his path.

On the video, It was seen that the blind man was maneuvering his way through the streets with his cane but had no idea that in front of him, was a log that would either hurt him or trip him.

Fortunately, his God’s provided helper spotted the obstacle before him and ran quickly towards it as it tried to get rid of it.

The dark dog picked the heavy log with his teeth and slowly moved it away from the path till the road was clear and the blind man could pass. What a divine helper is this?