See what this heartflet priest found doing on a deserted road neglected by government and youths in Rivers State

A Catholic Diocesan priest in Rivers State who is identified as Rev. Fr. Peterdeebom has decided to take the bul by the horn as he saw how terrible their road was looking he decided to pickup a shovel and stepped into the deserted road do the work by himself

However this priest called Rev. Fr. peterdeebom is currently working in Omuma Rivers State. The road Linking to where he is serving his priesthood is totally disrupted by river gullies which was neglected many times by the government and youths of Omuma.

This Rev. Fr. Peterdeebom just decided not to wait on government of Rivers State and the youths any longer. He just got a shovel to work on the road to a better state, which he did by himself so that people can emulate and believe by his good example as a priest who wants the best for his people.

Many people from different states and region have been sending greetings like money since he did this wonderful work for the sake of his people.