Six Things I Learnt From My Mistake.

It’s only the wise people who learn from their mistakes. It takes mistakes to be wish, you may not be wise unless you pass through mistakes. When you make a mistake,it shaping your brain. You will never be perfect on something until you fall a victim of it. You get perfect on something when you fail over and over again. When you don’t get it, you pick courage and try it again. It’s only pain that harping you.

  • Add more time to that particular issue. Adding more time leads to have devotion over that mistake, whenever you make time for a mistake you’re actually gonna get it right. Is understandable that most of the things we get right really take a lot of our time, when you are devoted by putting more your time you will get the mistake right.
  • Desist from that friend who doesn’t contribute to your life. I probably, have many friends but when I found out that some of them are really good for me, I had to minimize the level of closeness with them. I tell you this  make out for being alone. being alone makes you think you, Wisely. And it makes you feel better.
  • Think not that you knows it all. Believe me, anybody that claims I to know always make mistakes. two heads are better than one, working in collaboration, harmony is just for the common goal.
  • Never blame anyone for your mistake. For you to do more better for the remaining chances, disregard anyone who you think that made you made the previous mistake. Put that at the back of your mind and carry on. Because when you go along with the mentality, it’s gonna be distraction for you.
  • Doing different things together at a time gives you more knowledge. Your strength increases more when you do different things together at the same time. It makes you stronger and sharpen your mental reasoning.

Remove pride in you. The beginning of pride is the down fall of anyone who welcomes it. Pride brings human limitation