Six Things that could pull you down from surviving

It’s true that life is difficult even when we think that we have everything that could make life easier for us, but we still find it difficult to prevail over life.

We have different categories of why many people seem themselves not  surviving life and sometimes, those things pull us down from making it In life.

  • Academic Failure: it has never been funny to some of us who seem to be graduate but nothing positive to offer or accomplished,  no good thing doing after years spent in educational field of study. It’s true that after spending years in school, there should be lots of hope to he who is a university done, but all hope will seem to be lost when life refuse to turn out as it’s been planned. Life may become miserable to he who is a victim.
  • Business Failure: life seems to be worse when a man fail to standout with business after he must have missed out on academic probation. However, his mindset will rely and depend on business to thrive on.  In other words, people beliefs that business is the easiest and best way to stand out from life of inequality, thereby putting over 89% of their trust on business to manipulate poverty and have a substantial difference for life.  However, a man’s mind lies on where his wealth is. But when his business collapses, his real death will appear to settle him. ( All hope will left him)
  • Hand work:  handwork doesn’t fail anyone, but you failed to have one. People look down on having one handwork to protect their selves during time of adversity. Handwork has never failed anyone but we choose to fail ourselves by not having anyone of it, to be protected against adversity.
  • Depression: it’s obviously observed that life seems not moveable when a lady is depressed by her fiance who later formulate “No Option” after long period of dating. The ladies that partake on this issue seems life worthless and not meaningful to them. All their hope seems to be vanity.
  • Rejection by family and friends: having acknowledge the things that could make you being rejected by your family and friends, your life would seem miserably frustrated. The worst thing that can happen to anyone is being rejected by your family and friends who suppose console you when your hope lost.
  • Financial stagger: life never been easy without finances, over 95% of what we do and what we need for depends on finance. There’s a saying, which said that With God, all things are possible but with money all things are answerable. Money answereth all things. Without money, you will remain where you are unless God’s intervention.