Stress is of different mode

Stress can come in different directions to some degree which could be unbearable to the bearer.

However, according to Chelsea, She says “everyone has stress to some degree or extent, yet I am overwhelmed with stress. however, it isn’t from one big problem but from many situations, from struggle and from seemingly unending years of caring for my physical unhealthy husband.

Lucky however, said that “my wife left me, and I had to raised three of my children by myself . it was very hard being a single parents. apart from being a single parents, I lost my job and I could non afford to get my vehicle inspected for registration. I had no idea on how to handle things all a lone. actually, the stress on me sis overwhelming. I knew deep down that it was wrong to commit suicide. so therefore, I am pleading with God to end my misery.

Meanwhile, Ableharrison is a guy who is really blessed with wealth and He said ” it is true that I am rich but that doesn’t relief my stress at all. Sometimes, much wealth contribute to my stress. However, it has never been doubted that a man’s heart lies on his wealth. I stress myself to make people happy, and I stress a lot to acquire more wealth by thinking on how to succeed on the journey. Actually it isn’t an easy thing to give many people what they want.”

Do you really feel like Chelsea, Lucky and Ableharrison? Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed with stress? If actually you do, may the following post yet to come on issues concerning stress comfort and help you.

The examine common causes of stress , how stress can affect you and I and how you and I can get at least a measure of stress relief.