Why Almost Everyone Suffer To Survive In Nigeria

It’s obvious and fully acknowledged that Nigeria is number one Oil rich producing country in Africa,

Being the First Oil rich producing country in Africa made her to be so popular and fully acknowledged in the world at large, as one of must prestigious country in the world.

But it’s very painful and unbearable to Nigerian citizens that the country is very popular and prestige, doesn’t give anyone hope of survival.

Therefore, Nigeria been the Oil rich producing country in Africa, can not afford the well-being of Her citizens in all ramifications.

Being the first Oil rich producing country in Africa does not give the citizens the opportunity to get automatic job, quick appointment or live good life.

It’s very obvious that every citizen in Nigeria doesn’t see life easy even the parents, everyone is struggling to get his or her ends meet, despite the name Oil rich country.

The well-being of the citizens will not be over emphasized. Government is a parent to citizens and the citizens well-being will never be over emphasized.