Teaching Of The Day

This teaching is meant to be adhered by each an every one of us, children, adult and parents as well.

In fact all parents should be able to try their very best to make sure that they apply these teaching to their children which must be passed on to children’s, children and in children’s career as well.

Actually there are mainly 3 reasons why these teaching came up.

  • Fortune or future, life and mishaps are unpredictable. Actually, nobody can be very sure of how long he will lives. All are like betting a game, not being very sure whether it will play or not.
  • This teaching is like a thought from parents, remember if not written, no one else will tell you about this.
  • Actually, this is written act of bitter experiences that could save and help you out of unnecessary heartache.

Try as much as you can to remember the following as you go through life.

Do not bear grudges to those who do not show up their love on you, you should be conscious of yourself and fully acknowledged that no one has the responsibility to care and treat you well as you think except your parents.

To people who are catering and caring for you, you must acknowledge and appreciate them and also you have to be awake and alert as well because every individual has a personal motive of every good he did for you. This doesn’t guarantee that the person will be nice to you. Be at alert, never hurriedly regards him as your main friend.

Everyone is indispensable because you must never possess everything on earth, there must be what you lack for which you don’t have as an individual.

Once you must have gained this knowledge and experience of this, you will not find it difficult to move through life even when people around you rejects you or when you missed what you think that’s precious to you.

Life is quite short and very small, not even little much as you think. When you wasted your precious life today, tomorrow you must find that life is actually leaving you, the earlier you treasure your life and time, the better you enjoy life in fullness.

Love is not what you think but a transient feeling, we never thought that love do fade  with time as well as one’s mood. Actually, if your lover leave you, do not kill yourself, that should be one of those things with life but take heart time will wash your aches and pains away from you.

Remember that the beauty, strength and style of love must not be over exaggerated and do not also over exaggerate the sadness, weakness and falling out of love.

Great men and women didn’t receive and acknowledge education but they were successful, never get yourself down on education, because it doesn’t mean that you will be successful without being educated or studying hard as the case may be. Whatever knowledge you main gain in education, stands for your standard username and password as your great weapon of yours in life.

Do you know that one can go from rags to riches but one thing has to be acknowledged, that you must start from some other rags.

Your parents may not expect you to support them financially when they’re at their old age, either you expect your parents to support your whole life financially, remember that your parents assistance ends when you must have grown up and stand out as a full man (18) . After that, you now’s your life and the will of making choices will be yours, during this time, your decisions will be your service.

Maintain your kingship, because every king honours the degree of his words, but never expect other persons to be like you, you could do good and nice to people around you, but never expect them to do the exact good to you, because life differs. If you don’t adhere to this message, you could end up on having unnecessary misunderstanding with people.

I have tried many ways to get things done clearly, but could not get all as I wanted, that shows that if you actually want to be successful, you must dig deeply to provide treasure and prove that you really work hard. Remember that all free launch have been cleared and there are no longer free launch.

The time you spent together with people must be a valuable asset to you which is one of your biggest treasure you value most. Remember no one knows if you gonna meet again in the next existing future life.