The 11 years old boy finally gained scholarship after displaying Ballet dance in the rain

A kindheartedness Nigerian woman, Fade Ogunro, has revitalize hope to the 11 years old talented dancer who displayed his skills on dancing ballet in the rain; and the is best known by name as Anthony Mmesoma Madu whose dancing video went viral some days ago.

However, BBC reported that Anthony Mmesoma Madu is one of the 24 students at the Leap of Dance Academy in Lagos state, an academy founded in 2017.

Recently, Fade disclosed her intention to sponsor the boy’s education until he finishes university after watching the superlative amazing ballet dance performed by the 11 years old boy.

Meanwhile, gratitude will never end to our mouth, it was after the moment Fade Ogunro discloses her intention to sponsor this boy’s academic the beginning to the end in higher educational institution, people started from that moment to express their gratitude over her

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