The Africa I Dream For

Africa is a great continent but I have been dreaming Africa to be this.

Good people with great vision. A state where there is harmony, God fearing people. A state where youths will be given the opportunity to function in a political contests, to rule and creates new ideas to establish technological facilities. A state where old politicians will give chance for the youths to taste the power and use the fresh young mentality to rearrange the income and expenses of the Nations while the elderly political men will sit by the side to watch how things work. A state where the youths will be given the opportunity to participate in international affairs over the Nations, A state where the youths will no longer seek for job as if all the hope is gone. A state where the children who are still in their primary and secondary school would be able to get paid every month to cater for their needs. A state where Justice will be prevail at all cost, A state where the poor people will forget their sorrows and sufferings and rejoice again. A state where bribery and corruption will no longer exists. A state where the problem of a person will be an every person’s problem which would be jointly solved. A state where I cry because of bad leadership. I wish Africa all the best in this world. God bless Africa, God bless Nigeria.