The aim of education

What was exactly pointed out as the aim of education was misunderstood by many individuals. However, the problem of the society is that everyone has diverted the aim of education not to be centered on the learner to be educated but thoroughly focus on how to accumulate wealth, properties and secure isolated jobs; thereby this misplaced the primary aim of education.

What we should aim at producing in men who possess both culture and expert knowledge in some special direction; their expert knowledge will give them the ground to start from, and their culture will lead them as deep as philosophy and as high as art; we have to remember that the valuable intellectual development is self development and it’s mostly take place between the age of sixteen and thirty “Alfred North Whitehead”. However the aim of education is not the transmission of “inert idea” an idea that is merely received into the mind without been utilized or tested or thrown into fresh combination.

The level of utilization of an idea is very difficult and expensive to teach but that’s the aim core of education. In most countries, the system of election is violated by bazaar party system and the number of people who were elected was people who bought         votes with their money but not fully graduates like were expected by people who voted them in office. 

When these people assembled the throne, they appeared to hinder the main objective of education; because they never pass through them. However, Chad Miller distinguished between internally rooted aim of education and externally rooted aim of education; when the aim of education is necessarily for good jobs and making lots of money, it misplaced emphases aim of education. Insisting that the aim of education in terms of making the learner to compete with his peers around the globe; but not merely to make lots of money and by properties “Chad Miller”.

There is a great connection between aim and consciousness, to act with aim is to act with consciousness and consciousness means awareness, deliberately, intentional, fully awake and control the processes leading an end of activity “John Dewey”, for the learner to become self awareness and self actualization.

It’s very sad that youths priority is to make lots of money even when still in school thereby never believe to meet up with the criteria of primary aim of education.