The biggest motivation

Everyone’s problems started from the day he was arrive into the world and whatever that motivates you also started from that same day you perceived your most difficult problems. It is obvious that most of us ask God why they should be part of this wretched and miserable family. However, that question should have not gone to God to answer but should have dealt with; God knows the best and there were no mistakes for whatever he does. In many cases, some people would have being physically lazy but their situation persuades them to stand fit and courageous.

So therefore, there were no mistakes for you to be found in that family nor abide with that situation. However, the biggest motivation comes from that exposes you to stand fit to strive and thrive, that family you suddenly see yourself into is the back bone of success and wealth

Your situation persuades you to do whatsoever you are doing now; it should not be over until it’s over, you must never get tired until you problems are solved. Moreover, over 70% of people found their motivation from their family bad condition, while some others found their own motivation on people who are successful and wealthy, while 6o% of wealthy people found their own motivation on their family inability/bad condition to live a better life.

Check every successful man around the world, 75% of them were extensively poor and wretched most of them are people like

  1.  Jeff Bozos, an American the cofounder of Amazon, a successful tech. entrepreneur and was ranked the richest man in the world, worth $113bn. This man came from the poor family and was able to manipulate his problems to success.
  2.  Jack Ma, a Chinese man and he was the cofounder of Alibaba. And he is the richest man in china and he was born in a very poor family where he manage to attend college as it took him four years to pass the Chinese entrance exam. Jack Ma was ranked the Chinese richest man with worth of $37bn. This man came from the poor family but has made it to the top and is ranked to the world among the top 5 richest men in the world.
  3. Pony Ma the cofounder of tencent took the second richest man in China and he has worth of $37bn. And he came from the poor family and he has made it to the top. And also was ranked among the top 10 on the world richest.
  4. Mark Zuckerberg the cofounder of face book also ranked on the world richest list among the top 10 as well and he also came from the poor family. He truly found education very hard but he managed to make it to the top.
  5.  Alico Dangote the cofounder of Dangote group and he is the richest man in Africa. This man came from the poor family and he managed to make it to the top.

This is just to mention but few; could you also imagine some of our hip pop singers that if they can open up to you on how they manage to make it, you may not believe them, you may call it a fallacy   

You situation triggers the power house of your intellect to manipulate what comes around you because of your critical conditions. The level of your condition makes you think above your range or think outside the Box and provides you with a very logical idea on how to move

Check out all over the world, that every person that’s shortlisted or ranked on the world richest, all of these people think outside the Box to create something new that would benefit the entire world but not for their own benefit at all.

Your family situation provides you the back bone to stand fit and it is that condition, situation that pushes you to move.