The joy that comet from Christmas

May the joy that comet from the birth of our Lord Jesus brings you favor and prosperity. May the power of He who is greater than your trouble give you rest and confident.

The power that elevate Solomon locate you and elevate you from Zero to Hero. All your efforts shall counts as long as the world still celebrate the birth of LORD JESUS.

All YOUR enemies shall come to you to beg and ask for forgiveness. You shall witness the end of your labor as it turn to unexpected testimony.

The joy of your testimony shall remain endless even if you are no more in existence. Since the beginning of your contribution to the world, it seems as if you are laboring in vain; But worry not, the birth of our LORD JESUS CHRIST shall ever remain to you an uncontrollable blessings and inestimable prosperity… IF YOU BELIEVE, I WANNA SEE YOU REPLY OF AMEN!!!