The Nigerian Ballet Dancer: The 11 years old boy who went viral for displaying ballet Dance in the rain spoke with CNN

Madu told CNN that he did not plan to go viral, but he is happy that he did.

“I was surprised because I didn’t have it in mind that the video would go viral. The best part of being recognized is when I got a grand prize to go to the US because so many people don’t have that opportunity but I thank God that I do,” he said.

Madu says his interest in ballet developed after watching ‘Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princesses’ a 2006 cartoon about 12 princesses who share a passion for the dance.

When I was watching the cartoon, I told my mum that I want to do ballet,” he said.

He eventually got the chance to learn the dance after relocating to Ojo, a suburb of Lagos with his mother, where they met Daniel Owoseni Ajala, founder of the Leap of Dance Academy.

telling CNN that he never imagined that it would circulate rapidly.

“It (the video) wasn’t something we envisaged to come out the way it did. It was just something that was supposed to show corrections of movements… It was bigger than I imagined, and I started getting calls. Celebrities were posting us,” he said.

“When people see me they say that ballet is meant for girls, sometimes it makes me discouraged but I keep on working hard and encourage myself,” he said.

I want to be different,” he added. “To be a ballet dancer so that I won’t be the same thing with others who want to be doctors, lawyers or bankers.”

Madu said he also wants to help change the perception that ballet cannot thrive in places like Nigeria. “I’m hoping to be a professional ballet dancer and I want people to know that ballet can blow here in Nigeria.”