The questions every woman is desperate seeking to have the answer 1.

  1. How do men feel about interracial dating?

However, it depends on the guy, but really who cares these days? It’s not that big stink that it used to be; moreover, some men don’t care. Love comes from every color and if a person finds love and that person is of different race from him or her, it mustn’t matter because the two of them found love. And is not that what counts the most? However women have to make sure that, that’s what they are doing it for. If she is doing it for the kind of caliber, then that is a horrible reason to get married to someone from a different race. But if she has love in mind for what she is doing, then more power to her.

2. How long could men hold on for sex if they are infighting?

However, there’s no big on it, one day is more than enough disciplinary measure for us if we are talking about some kinds of argument. If actually you got crazy about something he said about the children and you don’t want to have sex tonight; good, there’s no problem. But the next day, if you are still crazy about the children and he’s trying to signal you by tapping on the shoulder and you are taking off his hand, that’s a problem.  Men are going to hang in for that too long. But we will go without longer if we violated your trust in some kinds of way and we need to gains back your respect and trust.  

3. How do you let your man know that you are not sexually satisfied?

It’s never wise to break such information in the car or during outing; absolutely nothing good can come from that. Anyway, when a question about a man’s sexual abilities, we get really nervous and really self conscious so quickly. It’s very advisable to break this kind of information while you’re still in action with the act. We’re a little bit more open to it then. Tell your man a thing like this, “Oh come on, I like it more when you turn like this, or I like it when you do like this” or “Oh come on baby, I love this, now do it this way” watch his actions and movement, he will be more proactive. Because it makes us feel like we’re pampering you instead absorbing complains. During acts, we’re open to anything and to all suggestions.   

4. What if we want more sex and we are not getting it?

In any condition you may see yourself, do not open this type of news outside; “we need to talk”. Our defenses immediately go up, warning signs starts flashing to our very presence, and now we have surely confident on whatever good time we have planed is about to be ruined. Instead try bring it to your man’s notice spontaneously something like, “I just can’t get enough of you darling”, “baby, I’m not feeling it enough” that will make him know that the bar is up there; he will be more proactive and will have the zeal to jump over it because you’ve made him to know that you want him more.   

5. Why don’t men cuddle after sex?

However, after sex we get hot; we get exhaust, because we put in a lot of work, we’re sweaty and burning up and we just need you to hold on for some minutes before you come climbing over to the side of our bed talking about holding something. We’re actually releasing from both sides, both from the skin and the other side.