The reason behind coke being my favorite.

Coke dominates everywhere in the globe among all other minerals. Coke is generally popular and the best brand of all. It’s preferably to be the most superior and evergreen drink in globe. Meanwhile, Coke is the peoples choice.

At my early seven years, I hardly differentiate between Coke and Pepsi. I have this thought that every minerals that has black colour is Coke. Moreover, Coke and Pepsi looks a like and my believe on those days was black minerals are Coke but not knowing that it’s not true that every black colour of mineral can not be Coke.

To tell you that Coke and Pepsi are not the same. One thing happened to me in those days, I serves as the middle man between my mother and one woman that sells drinks in my town. I was asked to go and buy Coke , because my mom like Coke so much, my mom’s likeness over Coke was beyond recognition which can not be over emphasized. So she asked me to buy Coke for her, I went to purchase the Coke as I got to my destination, I told the woman who sells drinks that I want to buy Coke, she asked me who sent you? I replied to her that it’s my mom, she went in and brought out one black coloured drink and gave me. I took it to my mom, my mom said to me ” what’s this? I couldn’t not answer her because I really can’t differentiate both Coke and Pepsi. So she asked me to go back and bring coke not Pepsi! I had to go back to the woman who sold the drink to me, as soon as she saw me, she felt too bad. So she asked what is it again? I replied to her that my mom didn’t accept this drink, she said that she needs Coke not Pepsi. She replied to me, did your mom produces Coke, does she know Coke or Pepsi, why is your mom so desperate on Coke. I couldn’t answer any of her questions because I can’t tell.

She sent me back to my mom with the Pepsi on me, she said that Coke and Pepsi are the same thing. So I went back and said exactly what the woman said. My mom was not happy at all, she said to me ” is that woman all right, did she want to tell me what to do with my own personal money? Now go and bring back my money I am not buying again. I ran back and asked the woman to give me back the money, my mom said that she is not buying again. I left with anger.

But the funniest thing was that the woman wanted to convinced my mom to buy her market but not considering the buyer’s choice. But my mom insisted on having her bran and choice.

For me I learnt a lesson of being consistency and vigilant. But I asked my mom why did you prefer Coke to Pepsi? She said to me that Coke is the perfect choice of almost everyone in this world over minerals, Coke is healthy drink which is produced with good ingredients and it’s taste is a perfect one.

I said wow, mom you are really wonderful in making a choice, from today henceforth I will follow your choice over Coke.