The Reason Behind People’s Success And People’s Stagnancy

I have been able to witness the reason why people raise and also their falling. It has never happened before where you refuse to give to someone and you expect someone to give to you. You should expect your success when you have contributed to someone’s life or when you have given frequently to the house of God or to the needy, more especially the motherless babies. I believe that some of us are expecting a lot of blessings without knowing what it requires.

I have been able to listen to some of the prominent people in the world, when they talk about their success, they will not forget to tell you their contributions with things that are involved.

Perfect Success comes from God and only him alone. , when these people that the world recognize to be successful, tell you that they’ve been going from place to place to make sacrifices, you will wonder what kind of sacrifice do these people make. They make sure that no Stone left unturned when they visit motherless babies, and Churches for contributions.

I was listening to one of the prominent pastors in the world, Nigeria precisely, that’s the general overseer of Salvation ministry. Pastor David Ibiyomie said that he was nobody before, when he started his church, there was no money to fund the church project, what did this man of God did? He went and gave the little money he had, the last hope of himself and his family, he gave it to the house of God. This house Of God was not his own church oh! But he went and gave that money in another Church. He did not let her wife know about this. He sacrificed all in the House of God. But now what is happening today in his life.

You should ask every successful man in this world  how many portions of his wealth is giving to the motherless babies, House of God, or  the needy and they will tell you.

We also had the king of world Star hip pop, Michael Jackson. Who told the world that he contributes more than half of his wealth to the motherless babies. And that kept his wealth coming.

When you see any successful musician, business elite or pastor ask him how many portions of his wealth is giving to the motherless babies, and the needy. And they will tell you.

Even the expensive churches in the world ask them about this, they will tell you that it’s number one priority of the secret of success, any of these churches all. Ask them.

The truth cannot be hidden, it most be told to those who desires it. If you hear my voice today, hadn’t not your heart.

One man from my kindred said that he rather die than to mock someone in his life. I asked him why? He replied to me that, when someone is mocked, he/she will think differently and deeply over the mockery and at the end he will change and be better than him. This was his thought. Therefore, he wouldn’t anyone to be better than him.