The Reason Why You Must Have Role Model

The reason behind attitudinal behavior of most people, why they behave the way they do and act the way they act.

Life have patterns which if you missed to follow the right partner and their patterns you may find it difficult to play the necessary role in life. In many cases, we have heard this over and over again when people saying that “you must not follow what people do”. In this case, many find themselves not worthy to follow some people’s pattern of life and the way they do things. We should not get it wrong, we must understand it very well, this means that you should not follow the crowd which is made up of many people with different life styles. You admire someone because that person deserves it and you hate someone because of the way he/she acts.

It’s worthy to have someone following as a Role modeller, when you tell yourself that I want to be like Pastor David Oyedepo and Daddy David Ibeyommy, what do you think that may be the next thing to do? Isn’t to follow his right part? Many people died for Michael Jackson because of the way he was. Some felt down just to touch the young man and some gone crazy just they see him perform, in the other hand almost everyone loved Jackson everyday. Inorder to make things right within your organization or life as the case may be, you must have a Role model.

As an individual, why do you behave the way you do? Do you think that the behavior you possess should be the right one for you? Who do you admire for life style, is that person doing it right? Why is it that having a Role model is very necessary to contribute in you?

It’s unarguable that the Role modeller you are interested in may not know that you are interested in him/her and this is why perfect actors or actresses, musicians or bloggers do what so ever they do perfectly. These people know that someone is following their footsteps which always put them on the right track.

A Role modeller is interested to have followers but they don’t know the exact people following them. Been a public modeller is a honor which must not be taken for granted, this is why sometimes they interviewed them to know what they’re doing, so that the masses will see and hear from them. The Role modellers do their necessarily best to put their footsteps in order so that their followers will also be privileged to be in order. We see someone like Donald J. Trump U.S president a public figure regards.

A prestigious man like Pastor David Ibeyommy who knew that millions of people around the world are emulating from him, must make sure that these millions of people around the world that are following his footsteps most be kept on the right part which will require lots of sacrifices from him to maintain these people. It’s necessary that individual must have someone who’s a Role modeller following so that you can fit in on queue.

Character aberration have reduced today because we ve come to know the importance of a Role modeller. You must follow more than one and hold them accountable of what may happen to your life positively and you must not be necessarily tide down with one person, you must find your way out when you see that, that man or woman is not what you think he/she is. Find way to create something new, a good life with successful achievements are the roles of Role Modeller played in you and Role Modellers are public figures.

There are like light that chase’s darkness away, when I say darkness, I meant poverty, frustrations and hardship. They don’t hide themselves where ever they are, they always generate ideas to their followers and put them on the right track, they always feel so happy when they hear that you have made it, the believe that anyone can make it and be like them, they feel happy when you grow more than them, they feel happy when you are successful and feel too bad when they see you disappoint yourself. Remember that you don’t disappoint them but yourself.