The Right Every Child Should Have

  The Right Every Child Should Have

Every child born of a woman has a personal right to exercise their right to make their career choice of their future for themselves, which sometimes would be denied from them. It’s not necessarily right for parents to Deny their children the right to make decision for their future because the denial of such right merely affect their careers personally but not the parents who made the decision for them. It’s true that the parents want the best for their children but when a child takes a decision of his/her life it must to be adhered by the parents. A child is personally affected after he/she was persuades to do something out of her choice. When a child is given that opportunity to follow his/her mind set—you will see that he will perform perfectly over the choice he made for himself. Today it’s difficult for a child to perfectly perform well over the wrong choice made by parents for them, this is simply because the choice is not their heart desire. A child can only be redirected when he is not doing extremely well over his/her selected choice. Meanwhile he most have seen that he is not ok or fit to handle the chosen choice made for himself. But when a child is forced to engage on a wrong selected choice for him by the parents, he will purposely make sure that he followed his mind of his personal made choice of him. there by increased his refusal engagement over a forced wrong choice selected by the parents, therefore affects his career if the parents insist on their own selected choice over the child. Consequently, a child should be given chances to make his/her career choice for the best future for the child.